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"I've got my memories always inside of me
But I can't go back, back to how it was

I believe now I've come too far
Now I can't go back, back to how it was
Created for a place I've never known

This is home
Now I'm finally where I belong
Where I belong
Yeah, this is home
I've been searching for a place of my own
Now I've found it, maybe this is home
Yeah, this is home

Belief over misery, I've seen the enemy
And I won't go back, back to how it was

And I got my heart set on what happens next
I got my eyes wide, it's not over yet
We are miracles and we're not alone

And now after all my searching
After all my questions I'm gonna call it home

I got a brand new mindset
I can finally see the sunset
I'm gonna call it home

Now I know, yeah, this is home
Come too far
And I won't go back
This is home"

[Switchfood - This is Home, Narnia II OST]

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4.9.09 21:48

"I spend so much time
Believing all the lies
To keep the dream alive
Now it makes me sad
It makes me mad at truth
For loving what was you"

11.6.09 19:18

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